Decentralized science

Since the protocol enables researchers to get funding for their work through a decentralized, transparent and impartial public mechanism β€” and without the need for funding from special interest groups, corporations or governments β€” it allows researchers to have complete scientific independence, and increases the public’s trust in the scientific process itself.

The protocol enables researchers to focus on the work that they believe would have the greatest impact on society, and not worry about any extraneous considerations (how the research would affect tenure, government grants, journal publications, and so on).

Since the research is a public good, all related experiments and data (aside for personally identifying information) will be in the public domain as well. This would vastly improve both public access to knowledge and the potential for collaboration between scientists around the world. The public would also be able to evaluate the reliability of scientific articles in any field, since research projects would have a Credibility Score (supported by sources) based on the review of validators with expertise in the field.